Once again with only the good stuff. Pure greatness from The Quakes, Southern Culture On The Skids, Lost Souls, The Deltas, a full set from The Tremors and more.
Git it.

The Quakes | New Generation | New Generation(Nervous Records)1993

Southern Culture On The Skids | Liquored Up And Lacquered Down | The Corn Rocket(Telstar Records)2000

Reach Around Rodeo Clowns | Dark Days Dark Nights | Dark Days And Dark Nights(Inner Knot)2010

The Dead Cats | Look Like Hell! | Hank's Cadillac(Flying Saucer Records)2010

The Tremors | Old Fashioned Hillbilly Feud(Old Fashioned) Hillbilly Feud(Brain Drain Records)2014

The Tremors | Invasion Of The Saucermen | World War III Boogie(Brain Drain Records)2006

The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | 100 Proof Blues Boogie(Brain Drain Records)2004

The Howling Wolfmen | Asylum Rock | Liars Trap(Razmataz Records)2011

Lost Souls | Chasin' A Dream | Chasin' A Dream(Nervous Records)1990

Juvies | Playin' Hookie | Alligator Shoes(Rage Records)1990

Rantanplan | Two Worlds At Once | Go Out Cherry(Link Records)1990

The Nitros | Nightshades | Deadly Nightshade(Link Records)1988

The Deltas | Boogie Disease | As You Like It(Nervous Records)1981

MentalBait | These Killing Nights | Strange Green Light(Self Release)2014

The Rocketz | We Are... | Dead Shall Dance(Self Release)2009

Kryptonix | L'appel Du Sang | Undertaker(Crazy Love Records)1997

The Meteors | The Mutant Monkey & the Surfers from Zorch | Dance Crazy Baby(Anagram Records)1988