Kicking off the new year with style and grace as is our way, we bring you an hour of the greatest rocknroll on the planet. Pure mental rocknroll greatness from Al & The Black Cats, The Peacocks, The Quakes, Levi Dexter, Bill Haley & The Comets, Mojo Nixon and more.
Go get it.

Al & The Black Cats | Through Thick N' Thin | Hey Mr. DJ(Rodeostar Records)2010

Al & The Black Cats | Givin' Um Something To Rock 'n' Roll About | Hell's The Only Place(Sunny Bastards)2008

Mad Sin | Dead Moon's Calling | Apes On Parade(People Like You)2005

Thee Flatliners | Enter The Twilight | Dracula's Descendants(Crazy Love Records)1998

The Peacocks | It's Time For The Peacocks | Too Good(Asian Man Records)2003

The Quakes | Negative Charge | Ready For A War(Orrexx Records)2009

The Meteors | The Mutant Monkey & the Surfers from Zorch | Meet Me at the Morgue(Anagram Psychobilly)1999

Frantic Flintstones | Lost Highway E.P. | Hack Brett(Klabautermann Records)2014

Kryptonix | L'appel Du Sang | Christine(Crazy Love Records)1997

Guitar Slingers | Seven Deadly Sins | Red Hot Rockin Blues(Diablo Records)2014

Stray Cats | Gonna Ball | Crazy Mixed Up-Kid(Arista)1981

Thee Raygunns | Rebel Rockers | Shakin' In My Shoes(Raucous Records)1995

Coffinshakers | We Are The Undead | Vampires Don't Cry(Primitive Art Records)1999

The Pharaohs | Blue Egyptian | Tomb Of The Dead(Diablo Records)2014

Levi Dexter | The Birth Of British Rockabilly | 21 Days In Jail(NV Records)1992

Bill Haley & His Comets | Single | Teenager's Mother (Are You Right?)(Decca)1956

Mojo Nixon | Whiskey Rebellion | Can't Find My Keys(Self Release)2009