Back again with episode 153. This week we went a bit long with almost two hours of the good stuff from The Meteors, Krewmen, As Diabatz, Alley Dukes, Ross Kleiner & The Thrill, Rip Carson, Deadbolt and more. This week we also added Demented Scumcats "Splatter Baby" to The List.

Git It.

The Meteors | Madman Roll | Madman Roll(Sonovabitch Records)1991

The Termites | Kicked In The Teeth | FTW(Crazy Love Records)2008

The Moonshine Stalkers | Splatter House | Gypsy Curse(Diablo Records)2014

Krewmen | Plague Of The Dead | What's Wrong(Lost Moment Records)1988

Stressor | Burn Out! | Wolfman(Crazy Love Records)2008

As Diabatz | Riding Through The Devil's Hill | Necrolove(Drunkabilly Records)2009

The Howling Wolfmen | Asylum Rock | Billy The Kid(Razmataz Records)2011

Frantic Flintstones | Speed Kills | Speed Kills(Crazy Love Records)1998

Blue Demon | Shot To Ruin | Right Out Of Grace(Mimashima Records)2006

Sasquatch And The Sick-A-Billys | Storming the Gates | Hellbound(Self Release)2007

Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Blue Viper(Crazy Love Records)2005

Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | White Stocking Tops(Crazy Love Records)2005

Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Pitchfork Blues(Crazy Love Records)2005

Benny Barnes | Ultra Rare Rockabilly's Volume 2 | You Gotta Pay(Chief)1992

Tommy Scott & His Ramblers | That'll Flat Git It Volume 26 | Jumpin' From 6 To 6(Bear Family)2011

Alley Dukes | Northern Rednecks | No More Hot Dogs(Flying Saucer Records)2006

Mojo Nixon And Skid Roper | Bo-Day-Shus!!! | The Story Of One Chord(Enigma Records)1987

Demented Scumcats | Splatter Baby | Hills On Fire(Crazy Love Records)2005

Skitzo | Love 'N' Hate | The Devil's Game(Diablo Records)2013

Ross Kleiner & The Thrill | You Don't Move Me | You Don't Move Me(Self Release)2013

The Phantom | Born Bad Volume 2 | Love Me(Born Bad)1991

Link Wray | Rumble! (The Best Of)Ain't That Lovin' You Babe(Rhino Records)1993

Bottlenose Koffins | Gayzilla! | Kristy Yamaguchi(Self Release)2013

Hexxers | Freaks With The Savage Beat | I Can Beat Your Drum(Golly Gee)2005

Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners | Caged Heat | When's Daddy Gettin' Paid(Golly Gee)2003

Rip Carson | My Simple Life | The Hate Inside Of Me(Golly Gee)2005

The Farrell Bros | Curbstomp Boogie | My Little Sister's Gotta Motorbike(Raucous)2003

Deadbolt | Tijuana Hit Squad | Goin' To Witchata(Headhunter)1996

Deadbolt | Shrunken Head | Blue Light(Headhunter)1994