More of the best rocknroll on earth with greatness from Graveyard Johnnys, The Peacocks, The Tombstones, As Diabatz, a set from Wild Records and more.
Git it.

Kings Of Nuthin' | Old Habits Die Hard | The List(People Like You)2010

Graveyard Johnnys | Streetblocks & City Lights | Hailing You(Let It Rock! Productions)2008

Aces & Eights | Aces & Eights | Sweet Lenard(Raucous Records)2008

The DeadCats | Bucket O' Love | Goin' Down To Memphis(Flying Saucer Records)1996

The Cremators | The New Breed | A Man With A Plan(Heptown Records)2012

The Peacocks | It's Time For The Peacocks | I Wanna Be A Cop Too(Crazy Love Records)2004

Starlite Wranglers | Devil's Wheels | Rumble(Crazy Love Records)2004

The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | Manifestation(Brain Drain Records)2004

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies | What's So Funny? | Kill Again(Tar Hut Records)1998

The Tombstones | Twang From the Grave Volume 2 | Graveyard Blues(ALTCO Recordings)2013

The Meteors | The Mutant Monkey & the Surfers from Zorch | Swamp Thing(Anagram Records)1988

As Diabatz | 1St Degree Crazy Psychos | Cannibal Girl From Outer Space(Drunkabilly Records)2012

Torment | Psyclops Carnival | Uncle Sam(Nervous Records)1986

Hi-Strung Ramblers | I'm A Rambler | Won't You Love Me(Wild Records)2010

The Delta Bombers | Wolf | Who Are You?(Wild Records)2012

Omar Romero | Hog Wild | Rebel Girl-Half Loved(Wild Records)2006

Sasquatch and the Sick-a-Billys | Storming the Gates | Drinkin' Me Dead(Self Release)2007