More mental rocknroll this week with pure greatness from The Tremors, The Bad Companions, Nick Curran, The Hillmans, Rip Carson and more
Git it.

The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | Tremors Bop(Brain Drain Records)2004

Jerry Lee Lewis | Jerry Rocks | Boogie Woogie Country Man(Bear Family)2006

The Bad Companions | 12 Bars | Let's Boogie(Self Release)2015

The Zipheads | Prehistoric Beat | Don't Pretend(Self Release)2013

Ruth Brown | Atlantic Single | As Long As I'm Moving(Atlantic Records)1955

Kings Of Nuthin' | Punkrock, Rhythm & Blues | I Smell A Rat(People Like You)2005

Nick Curran & The Lowlifes | Reform School Girl | Kill My Baby(Eclecto Groove Records)2010

The Cramps | Stay Sick! | Muleskinner Blues(Enigma Records)1990

The Hillmans | Kings of the Weald Frontier | Hocus Pocus(Western Star Recordings)2015

Big John Bates | Bangtown | Devil May Care(Stag-O-Lee)2009

Guitar Slingers | One Man Freakshow | Hang Em High(Crazy Love Records)2010

The Monsters | The Hunch | Hang On(Voodoo Rhythm Records)1991

Surfin' Wombatz | Dr. Sathans House of Terror | Planet of the Psychobilly Apes(Self Release)2014

Cosmic Voodoo | Vertigo | Old Man in the Woods(Kaiser Records)2005

Grave Stompers | Funeral Suite | Nighthunt(Crazy Love Records)1999

The Slanderin' | A Rhumba Of Rattlesnakes, A Murder Of Crows | Get Out Of My Way(Split Seven Records)2003

Rip Carson | My Simple Life | The Hate Inside Of Me(Golly Gee)2005