Episode 193 hot off the presses. Another hour of the greatest rocknroll on earth with pure greatness from Alley Dukes, The Tremors, The Cramps, Mojo Nixon and more.

This episode we also added Sir Psyko And His Monsters - Reapers Tale to The List.
Git it.

Alley Dukes | Go Back To College | On My Face(Flying Saucer Records)2007

Henry & The Bleeders | Those Teenage Bleeders | Bleeder Bop(Ambassador)2007

The Tremors | The Scourge of the South | Call To My Reward(Brain Drain Records)2004

The Waltons | Goin' Rodeo / This Is The Waltons | Waltons Go!(Korea)1987

Steven R Trent | Flat Broke One Man Band | Get Long Gone, So long, Goodbye(Self Release)2011

The Farrell Bros. | Curbstomp Boogie | Where'd You Learn This Tune(Raucous Records)2003

Rumble Club | The Gambler's Regret | The Youngers(Hairball 8)2007

The Cramps | Big Beat From Badsville | Like a Bad Girl Should(Epitaph)1997

Os Catalepticos | Little Bits Of Insanity | Psychobilly Is All Around(Fury Records)2002

Phantom Rockers | Av' Some Of This! | Jailbreak(Tombstone Records)1997

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Reapers Tale | On The Road(Crazy Love Records)2010

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Reapers Tale | Fucker(Crazy Love Records)2010

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Reapers Tale | Bastard(Crazy Love Records)2010

Hillbilly Hellcats | Our Brand | Train To Nowhere(Rockin' Cat Records)2001

The Grave Diggers | Monsters At Play | Insane(Bobbette Records)1985

The Bone Machine | La Vita Finisce, La Strada No | Forse Sei Gia Morto E Non Lo Sai(Self Release)2007

Mojo Nixon | Whereabouts Unknown | Tie My Pecker To My Leg(Ripe Records)1995