More of it again to drive you mental. Another hour of the greatest rocknroll on the planet like we bring every week. Pure greatness from Scott H. Biram, The Goddamn Gallows, Royal Crowns, P. Paul Fenech and more.

Git it.

Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Only Whiskey(Bloodshot Records)2014

Dead Kings | King By Death ... Fool For A Lifetime | Alive By The Machine(Crazy Love Records)2001

Luna Vegas | Strange Men Weird Women | Sixth Sense(Western Star Recordings)2008

Damage Done By Worms | Fear Will Freeze You When You Face... | In My Mind(Crazy Love Records)1996

The Goddamn Gallows | Gutterbilly Blues | Gutterbilly Blues(GBC Records)2007

Frantic Flintstones | Speed Kills | Torso(Crazy Love Records)1998

Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Train To Paradise | Gettin' Fucked Up(Self Release)2013

Jeff Daniels | Classic Rockabilly | Daddy-O Rock(Proper Records LTD)2007

The Racketts | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 07 | Ooh My Soul(Flame)1988

Batmobile | Bambooland | Cold Sweat(Count Orlok Music)1987

The Wolfgangs | Shout With The Devil | Black Sleeves(Longneck Records)2011

The Royal Crowns | Zombie Night In Canada Vol. 2 | Goonie Bird(Stumble Records)2005

The Farrell Bros. | Curbstomp Boogie | Goodbye Charlie(Raucous Records)2003

P. Paul Fenech | International Super Bastard | Legions Song(People Like You)2010

P. Paul Fenech | The Rockin' Dead | 10 Minutes Of Sunshine(Sonovabitch Records)1992

P. Paul Fenech | Daddy's Hammer | Locked In A Room With Betty(Raucous Records)2000

Big Fuckin Skull | Skulls Rule OK | Tin Skull Soldier(Self Release)2009