Once again, giving it to you as hard as I can with a solid hour of the greatest rocknroll on the planet. More greatness from The Cramps, The Shockers, The Bad Companions, Ross Kleiner & The Thrill, Link Wray, Milwaukee Wildmen and more.

Get this and stick it in your earholes.

The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | Hot Pearl Snatch(Bg Beat Records)1986

The Shockers | The Shockers | This F-Bomb's For You(Self Release)2002

Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | Hidden Charms(Rhino Records)1993

The's | Teenage Mojo Workout | Hanky Panky(Sweet Nothing Records)2002

Ross Kleiner & The Thrill | You Don't Move Me | Clutchin' Pearls(Self Release)2013

Smoki Whitfield | Desperate Rock 'n' Roll Vol. 02 | Function At Junction(Flame)1987

The Nitros | Nightshades - Something's Gotta Give | Love 'em 'n' Leave 'em(Cherry Red)2009

The Bad Companions | 12 Bars | 12 Bars(Sideshow Sound)2015

Hotrod Hillbillies | You Wanna Race | Good Hearted Woman(Self Release)2010

Kentucky Beltfight | KYBF EP | What Happened In New Mexico?(Self Release)2010

Degenerated | AARGH! | Ship Of Fools(Crazy Love Records)2014

The Rocket Beats | Human Tornado | Let's Shout Again(Crazy Love Records)2015

The Retarded Rats | Lost In Space & Lost In Time | True Chick(Suzy Q Records)2013

Henchmen | Henchmen | Something Out There(Loaded Bomb Records)2007

Phantom Rockers | Av' Some Of This! | Horror Rock(Tombstone Records)1997

Milwaukee Wildmen | Scars Remain | Get Drunk, Start A Fight(Tombstone Records)2000

Manic Pisoleros | Silver Bullet | Coffee Cowboy(Self Release)2011