Doing it again. Get the newest hour of the greatest rocknroll around. Pure greatness from The Quakes, The Hillmans, Guitar Slingers, Demented Are Go, Hank Robot & The Ethincs and more

Git It

Robin | Dead Luck City | Straight To Hell(Pineapple Records)2007

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Zombie Rock | Jimmy The Butcher(Crazy Love Records)2008

Lonesome Kings | Legendary Suffering | Legendary Suffering(Kaiser Records)2006

The Meteors | Madman Roll | Bertha Lou(Sonovabitch Records)1991

The Quakes | Last Of The Human Beings | I Don't Come From Nowhere(Orrexx Records)2002

The Hillmans | Kings Of The Weald Frontier | Dreading Dixie(Western Star Recordings)2015

Henry & The Bleeders | Those Teenage Bleeders | What'll I Do(Ambassador)2007

The Caravans | Saturday Nite's Alright | Cruel World(Crazy Love Records)1999

Gorilla | Revel Without A Cause | Casavargo(Revel Yell Music)2000

The KDV Deviators | Lost Contact | Behind The Glass(Drunkabilly Records)2012

Batmobile | Amazons From Outer Space | Dead (I Want Them When They Are Dead)(Count Orlok Music)1989

The Magnetix | Boo-Bop-A-Boo | Caveman Beat(Crazy Love Records)2011

Guitar Slingers | Carnevil Of Souls | The Invaders(Diablo Records)2015

Deadbillys | Blood, Roses And Angel Wings | Walkin On Her Grave(Sumbitch Records)2004

Demented Are Go | Hellbilly Storm | When Death Rides A Horse (Bonus Track)(People Like You)2005

The Tombstones | Twang From The Grave | Preachin', Playin', Guitar Playin'(Saustex Media)2005

Hank Robot & The Ethnics | Elvis-Jello Mojo | Where Are You Gonna Go?(Moody Monkey Records)2016