Git It

The Cramps | Look Mom No Head! | Bend Over, I'll Drive(Vengeance Records)1991
Go-Go Killers | Hallucinogenitalia | Birthday Cake(Self Release)2016
The Devil Dogs | 30 Sizzling Slabs | Cheescake(Crypt Records)1992
Scott H. Biram | Nothin' But Blood | Only Whiskey(Bloodshot Records)2014
Furious | Wreck The Hoose Juice | Don't Change Your Style(Cut Throat)2010
Spellbound | Eleven Deadly Sins | Just In Time(Stompin Ground Records)2007
Demented Are Go | In Sickness & In Health | Pervy In The Park(ID Records)1986
Surfin' Wombatz | Lager Loutz | Wild Man(Nervous Records)1989
Manic Pistoleros | Silver Bullet | Something Strange(Self Release)2011
The Bullet Biters | Demon Mind | Running Straight Into The Fire(Self Release)2015
Thee Waltons | Get Out Yer Vegetables | Tear It Up(Anagram Records)2008
The Deadcats | Bucket O' Love | Goin' Down To Memphis(Flying Saucer Records)1996
Big Nitrons | Pornification | Going To Bayside(Thirteen Records)2009
Nigel Lewis & The Zorchmen | Ain't What I Call Rock'n'roll | Ain't What I Call Rock'n'roll(Crazy Love Records)2010
Jackie Lee Cochran | That'll Flat Git It Vol. 02 Decca | Mama Don't You Think I Know(Bear Family)1992
The Legendary Raw Deal | Badlands Mud | Who Cares What You Call Rock N Roll (The Lonesome Small Boys Blues)(Mutant Rock Records)2012
Hank Robot & The Ethnics | Elvis-Jello Mojo | Where Are You Gonna Go?(Moody Monkey Records)2016