The Monsters, The Quakes, Liquor Beats Winter, As Diabatz, Batmobile and more

Git it.

The Monsters | Pop Up Yours! | I Want You(Voodoo Rhythm)2011

Dick Dynamite & The Doppelgangers | Psychopaths From Outer Space | Bout You(Self Release)2010

The Quakes | Live By the Sword | Silent Type (Alt.Mix)(Orrexx Records)2014

Faraway Boys | Pirate Ship Set Sail | Skin N Bones(Self Release)2008

Liquor Beats Winter | Lost in the Sauce | Stono Rebellion(Self Release)2018

The Legendary Shack Shakers | Agridustrial | Sin Eater(Colonel Knowledge)2010

The Goddamn Gallows | 7 Devils | Broken Man(Farmageddon Recrods)2011

F.U.2. | Punk Rock | Mean Evil Child(Beat)1978

Thee Dagger Debs | Thee Dagger Debs | As Long as I'm Moving(Damaged Goods Records)2018

Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys | Moonshine, Murder & Poultricide | Wrong Kind Of Guy(Self Release)2011

Batmobile | Bail Set At 6.000.000 | Calamity Man(Nervous Records)1988

As Diabatz | Nightmares In Red | Treat You Mean(Drunkabilly Records)2018

Krewmen | The Adventures Of The Krewmen | Bus Stop(Lost Moment Records)1986

The Moonshine Stalkers | Splatterhouse | Black Widow(Diablo Records)2015

Gutter Demons | Enter The Demonz | Haunted Lake(Pirate Records)2003

Alphabet Bombers | Panic Attack | Made For Porn(Self Release)2011

Reverend Beat-Man | Surreal Folk Blues Gospel Trash Vol. 2 | Letter To Myself(Voodoo Rhythm)2007