Doing it again. The Husbands, The Spastiks, The Cramps, Mad Sin, Powersolo, Violent Shifters, more

Git it.

The Husbands | Introducing The Sounds Of The Husbands | In The Basement(Swami Records)2003

Mad Trucker Gone Mad | Mad Trucker Gone Mad | Zoom! Zoom!(Crustacean Records)1997

Damage Done By Worms | Psycurity Inc. | Cocaine(Damage Records)2015

The Spastiks | Sewer Surfing | Hatchet(Crazy Love Records)2016

Reverend Deadeye | Turn Or Burn | Yonder Blue(Self Release)2008

Cooterfinger | Smells Like Rock N' Roll | All Over But The Cryin'(Illbilly Records)2002

The Cramps | A Date With Elvis | The Hot Pearl Snatch(Big Beat Records)1986

Calamitiez | Calamitiez | Army Of The Underworld(Crazy Love Records)2006

The Untamed | Strange Unknown | Nocturnal Girl(Heptown Records)2005

Blue Demon | Shot To Ruin | Right Out Of Grace(Mimashima Records)2006

The Zipheads | Prehistoric Beat | Revenge(Self Release)2013

Graveyard Johnnys | Dead Transmission | Because Of You(Bomber Music)2015

The Caravans | Saturday Nite's Alright | Pay Back Day(Crazy Love Records)1999

Al Foul | Keep The Motor Running | Bring Me A Little Water Sylvia(Self Release)2012

Surfin' Wombatz | More Macabre Monstrosities | Drive Me To Drink(Western Star Recording)2018

The Grave Diggers | Move It! | The Wild Kind(Crypt Records)1989

The Howling Wolfmen | Asylum Rock | Time Machine(Razmataz Records)2011

Mad Sin | God Save The Sin | Out Of My Head(Count Orlok Music)1996

Batmobile | Batmobile Is Dynamite | Rollin' Dynamite(Count Orlok Music)1990

Powersolo | Got A Sack O' Dope Hidden In M | Wow Wow Baby(Mastermind Records)2001

L'Assassins | L'Assassins S/T EP | Black Book(Big Action Records)2012

The Violent Shifters | Wide Open Baby!! | Engine Horse(Self Release)2014

Gutter Demons | Misery, Madness & Murder Lullabies | House By The Cemetery(Self Release)2008