Brand new trashy episode chock full of the good stuff. This week we pull out another two hours featuring Big Fuckin' Skull, Tandoori Knights, King Salami & The Cumberland 3, Deadbolt, The Delmonas, Scum Rats, Toy Dolls, and more.

Git it.

Big Fuckin Skull | Skulls Rule Ok | Skulls Alive(Self Release)2009

Reverend Beat-Man & The Unbelievers | Attack Of The One-Man Bands | Bloddy Fucking Cunt(Rock N Roll Purgatory)2007

Daddy Long Legs | Lowdown Ways | Snagglepuss(Yep Roc Records)2019

Tandoori Knights | Single | Tandoori Dolly(Slovenly Records)2019

Powersolo | Transfixing Motherfucker | Backstab(Slovenly Records)2019

Archie & The Bunkers | Archie & The Bunkers | I'm Not Really Sure What I'm Gonna Do(Dirty Water Records)2015

King Salami & The Cumberland 3 | Kiss My Ring | The Jellybutt Of Timbuktu(Damaged Goods)2019

Los Peyotes | Cavernicola! | When I Arrive(Rockaway Records)2005

The Anonymus | Unreleased | She's All Mine(Self Release)2009

The Schizophonics | Land Of The Living | Move(Sympathy For The Record Industry)2017

Robotix | Kosmiczna Odyseja Helvisa | Funnel Of Love(Amigos M.D.C.)2002

Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers | Ugly Mobile | Meanwhile, Back In The Jungle(Beast Records)2013

Los Coronas | El Baile Final De Los Locos Y Los Cuerdos | Soul Surfer(Isotonic Records)2009

Deadbolt | Zulu Death Mask | 15 Year Search(Headhunter Records)1998

The Treblemakers | Flippin' The Bird With Treblemakers | Annihulation(Gee-Dee Music)1998

Los Tiki Phantoms | Los Tiki Phantoms Y El Ejercito De Las Calaveras | La Mosca(B-Core Disc)2009

Hillbilly Moon Explosion | Bourgeois Baby | Get High Get Low(Crazy Love Records)2004

Memphis Morticians | Play Primitive Trashman and 13 Other Lovesongs | Linda Lee(Kaiser Records)2006

The Mutilators | Hot Rod Whore! | Lone Wolf(Self Release)2003

The Cramps | Bad Music For Bad People | Garbage Man(I.R.S. Records)1984

The Delmonas | Single Minded - Best Of Big Beat Singles | Peter Gunn Locomotion(Big Beat Records)1992

The Nitros | Nightshades - Something's Gotta Give | I Won't Worry Anymore(Cherry Red)2009

As Diabatz | Riding Through The Devil's Hill | I Don't Worry About It(Drunkabilly Records)2009

Boppin' Kids | The Ultimate Worst Of 1985-1990 | Go Wild(Crazy Love Records)2009

Beat Devils | Dig My Beat | Lonely Boy(Magnetic Loft Records)2019

The Wigsville Spliffs | The Wigsville Spliffs | I Ain't Lonely No More(Raucous Records)1996

The Wreck | Sailors Grave | The Nosferatu(Crazy Love Records)2018

Scum Rats | Demon Of The Dark | Believe It's Your End(Rumble Records)1993

Sir Psyko And His Monsters | Zombie Rock | I Sold My Soul(Crazy Love Records)2008

Mad Sin | Chills And Thrills In A Drama Of Mad Sins And Mystery | 2, 3, 4(Maybe Crazy Records)1988

The Doppelgangers | Bad, Bad Man | Plutonic Chronic(Diablo Records)2013

Toy Dolls | Episode XIII | She's A Worky Ticket(Randale Records)2019

The Showcase Showdown | Pemanent Stains | Duty Free(Damaged Goods)1999

The Briefs | Steal Yer Heart | Normal Jerks(Better Youth Organization)2005

Circle Jerks | Oddities, Abnormalities And Curiosities | I Wanna Destroy You(Mercury)1995

The Minestompers | Porno Mags & Body Bags | Cop Killer(Crazy Love Records)2019