Episode 365 bringing you over 2 hours of the greatest rocknroll on the planet. Ray Condo, Kings Of Nuthin', Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers, The Trillionaires, Spellbound, Lost Acapulco, LInk Wray, The Jackets, Fuck Bomb, Zero Boys, and more

Git it.

Ray Condo & The Ricochets | High & Wild | Be Careful(Joaquin Records)2000

LaVern Baker | Real Gone Gal | Bumble Bee(Charly R&B)1984

Ruth Brown | Atlantic Single | As Long As I'm Moving(Atlantic Records)1955

Wynonie Harris | Rock Mr Blues | Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Comes)(Charly R&B)1985

Kings Of Nuthin' | Old Habits Die Hard | Rhythm & Booze(People Like You)2010

Lonesome Kings | Shotgun Full of Blues | Hell's What I'm Used To(Emerald City Sounds)2003

The Tombstones | Twang From The Grave | Jailhouse Tattoo(Saustex Media)2005

Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers | Still Crazy | Real Gone Lover(Big Beat Records)1980

Furious | Wreck The Hoose Juice | Me Ald Man Robbed Me Bike(Cut Throat)2010

Demented Are Go | Kicked Out Of Hell | Surf Ride To Oblivion(I.D. Records)1989

King Kurt | Ooh Wallah Wallah | Destination Zululand(Stiff Records)1983

Batmobile | Bambooland | Demon Party(Count Orlok Music)1987

The Trillionairs | 10.16 | Jungle Girl(Self Release)2017

The Nevrotix | Alive | Nervous Beat(Crazy Love Records)2018

The Magnetix | Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rocket | Parallel World(Crazy Love Records)2016

The Rocket Beats | Human Tornado | Evil In My Veins(Crazy Love Records)2015

Krewmen | The Adventures Of The Krewmen | The Bug Of Planet Z(Lost Moment Records)1986

Spellbound | Eleven Deadly Sins | Just In Time(Stompin Ground Records)2007

Skitzo | Vertigo | Killer Love(Nervous Records)2003

The Astro Zombies | Frogs Legs | Attack of the Green Farts(Crazy Love Records)2015

Boston Rats | This Ain't Rock 'n' Roll | F.O.G.(Western Star Recordings)2014

The Epileptic Hillbillys | Take 2 | Boom!(Western Star Recordings)2014

The Chills | Something To Die For | Losing My Mind(Western Star Recordings)2010

Doyley & The Rejects | Isolation Boogie | 40 Days(Diablo Records)2020

The Moonshine Stalkers | Buzzed Out Split | 100 Maniacs(Self Release)2018

Turbo A.C.'s | Automatic | Substance(Gearhead Records)2003

Lost Acapulco | Los Obligados Racing Team | Escape De Sta. Martha(Montrissimo Records)2011

Link Wray | Rumble! The Best Of Link Wray | The Black Widow(Rhino Records)1993

The Raymen | Sinister Funtime | Nevada Blitz(Hound Gawd! Records)2013

Tall Boys | Funtime | Dragster(Big Beat Records)1998

The Throbbing Hot Rods | Lay Some Pipe | Chum on Your Face(Self Release)2011

Thee Minks | Right Now Baby | Sticky Situation(Self Release)2020

The Monsters | Youth Against Nature | I Just Wanna Die(Voodoo Rhythm)2003

The Jackets | Shadows of Sound | Keep Yourself Alive(Voodoo Rhythm)2015

Los Peyotes | Introducing Los Peyotes | Psicosis V(Dirty Water Records)2008

The Anonymus | Unreleased | She's All Mine(Self Release)2009

L'Assassins | Fire of Love | Liar(Piñata Records)2015

Fuck Bomb | Wreck Your Party! | Wreck Your Party!(Self Release)2019

Gang Green | Skate To Hell | Alcohol(Taang! Records)1985

Suicidal Tendencies | Lights Cameras Revolution | Send Me Your Money(Epic)1990

Guttermouth | Friendly People | Cant We All Just Get Along (At The Dinner Table)(Nitro Records)1996

War On Women | Capture The Flag | YDTMHTL(Bridge Nine Records)2018

Zero Boys | Vicious Circle | You Can Touch Me(Toxic Shock)1982

SA90 | Johnny On The Phone | Patient Zero(Screwball Productions)2016

Sloppy Seconds | Destroyed | The Horror Of Party Beach(Toxic Shock)1989