Get it now if you missed it live. Episode 55 of the best mental rock n roll featuring
L'Assassins, As Diabatz, Goddamn Gallows, Violent Shifters, The Meteors and more.

L'Assassins | ST EP | Simon Says(Big Action Records)2012

The Falls | Unreleased | Creature Feature 2008

Atomic Fiends | Race To Hell | Atomic Fiend(El Diablo Caballero Records)2005

Splatter | ...From Hell To Eternity | Hard Rockin' Daddy(Sector 2 Records)1994

Poison Bar | Mutated Liquidators | Crazy Rockabilly(Karliki Records)2012

The Meteors | Don't Touch The Bang Bang Fruit | Low Livin' Daddy(Anagram Records)1987

As Diabatz | Riding Through The Devil's Hill | I Don't Worry About It(Drunkabilly Records)

Phantom Rockers | Kissed By A Werewolf | Killer Train(Tombstone Records)1990

The Termites | Overload | Overload(Link Records)1990

Radiacs | Hellraiser | Woman And Wine(Link Records)1989

Krewmen | Into The Tomb | Solid Gold Easy Action(Lost Moment Records)1987

Surf Rats | Trouble | I Hear Voices(Lost Moment Records)1988

Moonshine Stalkers | Look Who's Stalking Ep | Stomp Them Dead(Self Release)2011

Dead Bundy & The Neat Neat Neats | Life Is Hard...Death Is Neat! | Road To Ruin(Self Released)2012

The Goddamn Gallows | 7 Devils | Broken Man(Farmageddeon)2011

357 String Band | Ghost Town | Evil On My Mind(Self Released)2006

The Violent Shifters | Twin Cities Rockabilly Presents... | Hot Rod Killing Machine(TCR)2010

The Monsters | Pop Up Yours! | Ain't Crawling Back To You No More(Voodoo Rhythm)2011