Brand new episode 71 of the best mental rocknroll. Gone Mental once again bringing you greatness from The Meteors, Phantom Rockers, Barnyard Ballers, Ronnie Self and more. Including a couple of requests from the chat. If you missed us live on Thursday come and get it now.

The Meteors | Sewertime Blues | Ain't Taking A Chance(Anagram Records)1986

Phantom Rockers | Kissed By A Werewolf | Horror Rock(Tombstone Records)1990

Season Of Nightmares | Monster Mash Into The Fifth Dimension | Voodoo Queen(Flying Saucer Records)

Nekromantix | Curse Of The Coffin | Drugshock(Nervous Records)1991

Demented Are Go | Hellucifenation | Reptile Queen(Crazy Love Records)1999

Pickled Punks | Wake Up Dead | Happy Pickled Punks(Self Released)

Barnyard Ballers | Nudie Bar Blues | Porno Slut(Crazy Love Records)2001

Stressor | Trip To Mad City | You're Gone But I'm Left(Crazy Love Records)2012

The Pharaohs | Blue Egypt | Never Coming Back(Nervous Records)1986

The Sharks | Recreational Killer | Charlie(Anagram Records)1993

Bracey Everett | That'll Flat Git It | The Lover's Curse(Atlantic Records)1958

Ronnie Self | That'll Flat Git It | Ain't I'm A Dog(Columbia Records)1957

Long Tall Texans | Texas Beat | I Get So Excited(Anagram Records)1994

The Sure Shots | Four To The Bar | I'm On Fire(I.D. Records)1987

The Caravans | Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice | Nuthin But A Nuthin(Part Records)2010

Brioles | Train Of Fools | D From Hell(Crazy Love Records)2000