New England folk singer Dan Blakeslee releases a new full-length album today, The Alley Walker. On it, Dan is backed by his long-time band, the venerable Calabash Club.

On today's good song, Dan plays tribute to a dearly held piece of architecture. He told me:

I wrote "Pride Of The Piscataqua" after the Memorial Bridge spanning
the Piscataqua River between Portsmouth, NH and Kittery, ME was
removed from major disrepair. I grew up a few towns away from that
early 1900's structure... that beauty meant the world to me. Countless
times I walked across, sailed beneath and daydreamed around that iron
bridge. The night it was severed it from it's foundation I watched
from the river bank and wrote this song.

This twangy elegy is classic Blakeslee--all heartfelt wonder and whimsy. Pedal steel accents and the easy shuffle in the drums instantly endear the song to my ears, and the ghostly female backing vocals in the chorus crank the tune up to the realm of the spiritual.

(c) Dan Blakeslee 2017.

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