DÍON // [DE-ON] // s. roof // shelter _______________________________   Blackwax Records Dublin are teaming up with the lads at DHD Deep House Dublin and FEND Media to create a unique live experience within the heart Dublin’s city centre in an amazing rooftop venue with a stunning backdrop of city during sunset and on into the night…   The event will be live streamed and recorded by DHD and FEND Media, show casing some of the most cutting edge technology in live streaming including live aerial footage and multi-view live camera angles.   The soundtrack will be provided by carefully curated talent, show casing the best of Irish based DJs and musicians, expect the very finest in house, techno and more during a lazy sunset over the Dublin vista. _______________________________   On the first iteration of DÍON we are joined by the following artists:   Fizzy Waters & Viktor Marina [Deep House Dublin] https://www.facebook.com/DHdublin/ // Deep House Dublin are a collective that have been running and providing events around Dublin for some time now; showcasing the very best in Dublin and international based deep house talent, including melodic house and techno. On top of this DHD have shown a passion in video and audio streaming, streaming live events from around the city with cutting edge technology to bring their art to a wider audience. _______________________________   A massive thanks to…   Deep House Dublin for providing the bulk of live stream equipment FEND Media for helping with setup, recording and videoing the experience in their own unique fashion Riot Bar for providing DJ Equipment Blackwax Records Dublin for providing location, talent, music and more! _______________________________