Jude is a longtime friend of the show and it's great to have him back!

Jude plays a ton of guitar in this episode starting out with his incredible "full contact" version of Blue (yes, the Eiffel 65 dancefloor banger) on a massive sounding baritone. We also get an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak of the studio version.

Moving to a Music Man Cutlass, Jude gives us insights into the recording of Jefferson Starship's latest album, Mother of the Sun which includes some killer guitar parts, songwriting and performances.

Jude also demonstrates and talks us through some of his favourite Eddie Van Halen moments, particularly from Jude's favourite VH record, Fair Warning.

It is a great guitar hang! If you haven't already heard it, check out our 2017 interview with Jude which is a deep dive into his legendary sideman gigs, working at GIT, writing for Guitar Player Magazine and much more.

And by the way, we just celebrated our 5th anniversary of The Guitar Speak Podcast - thanks for being part of the journey!


This episode is brought to you by Fretboard Biology - the online guitar college created by Joe Elliott, ex Head of Guitar at GIT and McNally Smith Music College.

Fretboard Biology

Guitar Speak Podcast #146 - Joe Elliott - ex guitar head of GIT - launches Fretboard Biology


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