Sydney based guitarist and songwriter, Mark Tobin, joins us for episode 114.

Mark talks us through a rich and ever growing career which started in the early 90s. As a member of the EMI signed band Scarlet, sessions at the legendary 301 studios and tours with Radiohead, Concrete Blonde and World Party among others followed. Mark followed this up with stints in Margot Smith and Flavour.

The 2000s would see Mark joining 90s electro-rock pioneers Caligula and founding projects as diverse as Panic Syndrome, The Finalists and Black Halo.

Mark recounts working with the late Damien Lovelock, seeing an emerging Radiohead up close on tour, balancing ethereal ambience with rock's directness, his love of Les Pauls and why he is creatively driven to juggle multiple projects.


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Panic Syndrome

The Finalists


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