After Krystyna finally gets word on whether or not her boyfriend is cool with her masturbating to other dudes and Corinne, while innocently trying to get an iced coffee, is greeted with the Harlem Boys Choir of getting pussy, the women of Sorry About Last Night sit down with this week's guest, Danny. After spending a series of drunken, high Saturday nights last Summer acting as Corinne's fuck buddy, Danny has a few souvenirs to talk about including a pair of panties and his self-proclaimed best joke. Listen as the three kind-of friends talk porn, slut-shaming, fucking older guys and which of the girls he really wants to fuck. E-mail us at Tweet the ladies @SryAboutLastNyt Tweet Corinne @PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna @KrystynaHutch Tweet Labs @standupnylabs Tweet Danny @DannyPalmerNYC Instagram: YouTube: Tumblr: Facebook: Marriage Equality USA Sea Tea Booze Cruise details DATE: Sunday, July 27 TIME: 6:30pm - 10pm (ship sails at 7:30pm) WHERE: Pier 40 b/w Christopher & W. Houston NYC TICKETS: 1 for $30 or 2 for $50 at