As the saying goes, things comes in threes, so it's only appropriate that as the girls approach one year of talking about guys they fucked on Guys We Fucked, Corinne rounds it out with getting "dumped" a third time. As has become routine, Krystyna takes her seat as friend and therapist while the girls analyze the effects of social media and texting on "hanging out", Corinne's emotional wall and how the fuck to know when and if you're dating somebody. Post emergency sesh, C&K welcome brilliant comic and Facebook status updater KURT METZGER fresh off the debut of his Comedy Central special "White Precious" to talk about the complex open relationship he has with his girlfriend of 7 years, how to go about fucking him if that's a thing you want to do, what needs to happen for his huge pee-pee to fit inside a woman's v-v, why that cat calling video was NOT racist and how people have become too motherfucking sensitive about everything.