Although no one can hold a candle to her boyfriend, Stephen, this week's guest, Adam, was the second least sucky person to ever be inside Krystyna. Sure, Adam's reportedly great in the sack now, but he's come a long way since his chock full o'Mormon high school days where legend had it that a blow job was as literal as it sounds and butt sex was sometimes the only option. While Krystyna and Adam have both had positive experiences with online dating (that's how they met, after all), Corinne's only experience with online dating involved her sobbing all over her MacBook Pro on Easter Sunday. Krystyna and Adam try to explain the joys of high sex to Corinne and Corinne and Adam let Krystyna know that while they've both tried eye-licking, neither recommends it. Other hard-hitting topics include: period sex, fecal-based ailments, and how movies ruin everything. Oh, plus Corinne reveals the best album of all time to fuck to and Krystyna and Adam do a bunch of weird voices.

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