Chaka Khan proved she was more than capable of holding her own when she released her debut solo album, Chaka back in 1978. Before that, she was in the band Rufus and stood out from her contemporaries with her powerful voice and ability to swing from one genre to the other while still being unmistakably Chaka. She continued working with Rufus, but started venturing out and doing more solo work, and eventually released her follow up Naughty in 1980.

Singer/bassist Adeline sits down with us to talk about Naughty, Chaka's voice, the funky bass lines throughout the record, and the stellar lineup Chaka was able to wrangle.

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Song Tracklisting (all songs from Naughty unless otherwise indicated):

  • Get Ready, Get Set
  • Adeline: After Midnight
  • What You Did
  • Clouds
  • So Naughty
  • Chaka Khan: Stronger Than Before
  • Chaka Khan: Caught in the Act
  • Our Love's in Danger
  • Too Much Love
  • Prince: I Feel For You
  • Chaka Khan: So Not To Worry
  • Chaka Khan: And The Melody Still Lingers On (Night In Tunisia)
  • Chaka Khan: Roll Me Through the Rushes
  • Chaka Khan: Better Days
  • Get Ready, Get Set
  • Nothing's Gonna Take You Away
  • Move Me No Mountain
  • Nothing's Gonna Take You Away
  • So Naughty
  • Bionic Boogie: Hot Butterfly
  • Papillon
  • David Bowie: Underground
  • Get Ready, Get Set
  • So Naughty
  • Natalie Cole: I've Got Love On My Mind
  • Natalie Cole: I Can't Breakaway (From You)
  • Minnie Riperton: Inside My Love

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