Today's episode is the first of two where we invited listeners of the show to talk about their personal Heat Rocks. This week, listener Jason Randall Smith sits down with us to talk about "In Visible Silence" by The Art of Noise. We discuss the prolific use of the Fairlight Sample in this album, the extremely 80s feel of it all, and its questionable placement in a certain ABC made-for-TV movie.


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Show Tracklisting (all songs from In Visible Silence unless otherwise indicated):

  • Legs
  • Peter Gunn
  • Legs
  • Malcolm McLaren: Buffalo Gal
  • Art of Noise: Beat Box
  • Opus 4
  • Legs
  • Afrika Bambaataa: Planet Rock
  • Backbeat
  • Paranoimia
  • Yello: Oh Yeah
  • Instruments of Darkness (Prodigy Remix)
  • Instruments of Darkness
  • Camilla
  • Eye Of A Needle
  • Peter Gunn
  • Legs
  • Slip Of The Tongue
  • Eye Of A Needle
  • Moments In Love
  • Beat Back
  • Jean-Jacques Perrey: E.V.A.
  • Art of Noise: Art of Love

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