The Album: Drakeo the Ruler: Cold Devil (2017)

When we invited L.A. music writer Jeff Weiss to join us, he was adamant that there was only one release he wanted to talk about: Cold Devil, the full-length, acclaimed mixtape that the upstart Los Angeles rapper, Drakeo the Ruler, dropped nearly a year ago. Drakeo is part of the Stinc Team and is helping lead a wave of emergent talents that also includes 03 Greedo, Ketchy the Great and Ralfy the Plug.

The longtime writer behind The Passion of the Weiss music blog, Jeff has been championing Drakeo for several years now and in particular, he's written extensively on the rapper's tumultuous legal challenges, including first interviewing Drakeo when he was locked up. Our conversation touched on Drakeo's legal situation, the rapper's gift of slanguistic gab and the current state of West Coast rap music.

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Show Tracklisting (all songs from Cold Devil unless indicated otherwise):

  • Out the Slums
  • Drakeo the Ruler: Mr. Get Dough
  • Big Banc Uchies
  • Flu Flamming
  • Ion Rap Beef
  • Red Tape, Yellow Tape
  • Neiman and Marcus Don't Know You
  • Flu Flamming
  • Out the Slums
  • Blamped

Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find on there

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