Our second episode of the Take Two miniseries focuses on Janet Jackson's risqué and introspective album, The Velvet Rope. We discuss Janet's move to a more neo soul sound, how she matured as an artist when creating this record, and how Janet's gone underappreciated in the last decade. 

More on The Velvet Rope


Show Tracklisting (all songs from The Velvet Rope unless otherwise indicated):

  • Anything
  • What About
  • My Need
  • Interlude - Sad
  • Can't Be Stopped
  • Got 'Til It's Gone
  • Together Again
  • DJ Premier: Together Again (Remix)
  • My Need
  • Interlude - Speaker Phone
  • Free Xone
  • You
  • I Get Lonely
  • Go Deep
  • Velvet Rope
  • Rope Burn
  • Missy Elliott: Pass Da Blunt
  • Mariah Carey: My All

Here is the Spotify playlist of as many songs as we can find on there.
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