Music behind DJ:

Ken Jones / His Piano & Orchestra - "Chicken Pot Pie"

Little Brenda Lee (9 Years Old) - "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)"

Jimmy Beasley - "Jambalaya"

Reid and Bobbi Northrup and the New Arkansas Travelers - "Jambalya" - Sunday Afternoon

Patsy Cline - "Hungry For Love"

Ralph and Randy - "Hungry"

Music behind DJ:

The Invaders - "Cream Crackers And Cheese"

Wanda Jackson - "Hot Dog! That Made Me Mad"

Bill Haley & His Comets - "Hot Dog Buddy Buddy"

Reese Shipley - "Catfish Boogie"

Skeets McDonald - "Birthday Cake Boogie" - Skeets McDonald's Tattooed Lady Plus Eleven Other Sizzlers

Linda Martell - "The Wedding Cake"

Music behind DJ:

Ken Jones / His Piano & Orchestra - "Second Helping"

Tony March - "Boston Bake Bean Baby"

Dolly Parton - "Something Fishy"

Maddox Brothers And Rose - "Sugar Pie" - S/T

The California Brakemen - "Hungry Eyes" - The Country Music World Of The California Brakemen

Baker Knight - "Apple Dandy"

Music behind DJ:

Ken Jones - "Chicken Pot Pie"

The Country Nu-Notes - "Cherry Pie"

Grandpa Jones - "Gooseberry Pie"

Bob Dylan - "Country Pie"

Eddie Bond - "Hershey Bar"

Lenny Capello and the Dots - "Cotton Candy"