Conflict in any romantic relationship is inevitable and there is no denying that it is horrible when it comes up. Introverts and Extroverts manage conflict in different ways. But despite this they can make wonderful couples where one lacks, the other one makes up for. The Yin & Yang in Chinese philosophy is harmonization... But whilst many introvert - extrovert couples are likely to know some of this already about their partner. In the heat of a debate or when a crisis occurs we tend to forget and misread each’ others behavior as a sign they don’t care or are being deliberately difficult. So today I want to outline some key areas, so you can improve your relationships and life by appreciating one another more and addressing conflict in a healthier manner. P.S Struggling in Your Marriage? Get the FREE Report - 7 Secrets to Saving Your Marriage! And learn •The 6 Essential Keys to Keeping a Marriage Happy •How to Increase Love, Happiness and Passion in your marriage in less than 2 weeks! •How to motivate and Inspire Your Spouse To Change •How to Overcome Past Hurt, Resentment, so You can Rebuild Respect & Trust Get the 7 Secrets Now -