Infidelity and affairs happen more frequently than we like to think about.. The good thing is most women and men who catch a cheating husband or wife want to fight for it and give the marriage a second shot. Similarly cheating wives and husbands who see what they have risked and may lose, often want to make amends' than stay with their new love interest. In both cases the act of research or seeking support and willingness to try the solutions is a strong sign that the marriage can survive infidelity. I'll explain more in this episode... P.S Struggling in Your Marriage? Get the FREE Report - 7 Secrets to Saving Your Marriage! And learn •The 6 Essential Keys to Keeping a Marriage Happy •How to Increase Love, Happiness and Passion in your marriage in less than 2 weeks! •How to motivate and Inspire Your Spouse To Change •How to Overcome Past Hurt, Resentment, so You can Rebuild Respect & Trust Get the 7 Secrets Now -