There are two paths we can follow to get to love:
Love and Non-love
They both take us in the end to LOVE
This may make perfect sense to you or you may be thinking what on earth am I going on about
Let me elaborate.
Throughout the course of my life (I am sure like most people) there have been times where I have been down, lonely and super stressed. During these times it is hard to notice any good, everything looks bleak and hopeless. On these occasions, it feels like I am stuck – is the path of non-love. I either have a lack of love for myself, for life or people that I feel have upset me.

Then I hit rock bottom, a point, where I make a radical shift in thinking and acting that leads me back to LOVE. This I see in couples time and time again they get to a real low in their relationship and turn it around. Listen in to this episode and if you like it, check out my Empowered Love Masterclass Podcast Episodes, they have 5 parts - you check that out or get my 7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage Here