Rob and Callum are back; grind up your DMT doused bark into a fine powder, get that beast of burden to do the working for you and take in the glory of 12 ace new tracks.
Expect some psychedelic hip hop, Peruvian indie pop, afro-funk-rnb, Hancock'esque jazz, doo-wop soul, post-punk and more

Chester Watson - 40 Acres
16 bits - Perdóname Yoshi
Low Leaf - Yah Yah
Sam Evian - Next to You (feat. Kazu Makino)
Holy Hive - This Is My Story
Scott Hirsch - When You Were Old (El Dorado)
Dollar Band - I'm A Dollar
Reptaliens - Echo Park
Harvey Sutherland - Amethyst Ft. Nubya Garcia
Papercuts - How To Quit Smoking
Pigeon - CONCERN
Martin Frawley - You Want Me?