Rob and Callum return with new songs and some scoops of the real lives of music icons as record buyers, as people of worship, jobbing musicians and property owners but who are they?Plenty of flavours to enjoy in this episode from Norwegian country pop to some hypnotic techno pop to spacebomb folk rock to prog and a band that just sound like Beck oh and some real real nice jazz funk hip hop stuff.

Gregor ‘The Rock (and Stars)’
Young Guv ‘Cold In The Summer’
Cayacus ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’
chongonthenomad ‘On Fire’
Horatia Luna ‘Fuck The System’
Smokescreens ‘Fork in the Road’
Skyway Man 'Sometimes Darkness / Railroad / Sometimes Darkness Reprise’
Andy Bell 'Love Comes In Waves’
Bendik Brænne ‘Needless to Say’
Alexia Avina ‘Fit Into'