Rob and Callum present further music related ramblings and ace new songs. We continue our frustrated love affair with decent house and techno, with some dyed in the wool indie choices from Callum plus French disco rock, magical mystery tour pop, androgynous pub rock and spacious prog... lord above, on paper that sounds infuriatingly white af but trust us it's top to bottom banger town.

Kapote - Delirio Italiano
Spinning Coin - Visions at the Stars
Velveteen Rabbit - I'll Be A Boy For You
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights - Smoke you right out of here
The Medium - The Groove
Diagonal - 9-Green
Big White - Falling In
Discus - Prodigal Son
Girl Ray - Show Me More
Chocolat - Fou Fo fou mon minou
April Magazine - Always