Rob and Callum present a vintage boozed up pod, 6 months of professionalism out the god forsaken window, replaced with good rosey cheeked fun and nonsense. Tunes this week are WORLD CLASS with some of that good chill ya bones instros, some real laid up and fuzzed folk, some rooting tooting country garage and straight up good stuff.

Rich Ruth 'Coming Down'
Fran 'So Surreal'
Woolen Men 'Mexico City Blues'
Lost Film 'It's Fine'
The Vidiprinter 'The Men With See-Thru Hair (Petty Theft)'
Plates of Cake 'How Did You Cross That River'
Foster Care 'No Respect'
The Black Lips 'Odelia'
Current Affairs 'Cheap Cuts'
Hurt Valley 'Apartment Houses'