Here's a new music podcast from Rob and Callum, 50% of this duo spies on your spotify and bandcamp listening habits, like a filthy pervert... check the pod to find out who (Rob writes these btw). If you like Afro-Oz psych, Native American funk rock, fresh Chris Cohen lushness and some disgracefully heavy hardcore punk - listen to this stinking podcast.

Bananagun - Do Yeah
SACRED PAWS - Brush Your Hair
Cochemea - All My Relations
Margot - Coffee Stained Scars
chris cohen - Green Eyes
Beauty Parlor - Fall in Love
China the band - Marnie
Strange Passage - No End in Sight
Craig Finn - Blankets
Video Filth - Hypnosis
G.S. Schray - Greyfield Envoy
The Snakes - Snakes Bday