Rob and Callum look ahead to another stinking year, we’re calling it 2019 and we’re perhaps bucking the trend and calling it a crap year already - soz for the REALITY BOMB. Music is the only medicine we have and we’re slamming a spoon of it into your waiting listening hole. We got some well nice dream pop, got some afro psych, some UK jazz, some power pop, some punk, some Elliott Smith sounding stuff… we’re easing you in baby.

Spielbergs - Five on It
Chain Wallet - No Ritual
Business of Dreams - Keep the Blues Away
Kel Assouf - Fransa
Garcia Peoples - Feel So Great
Late T.V. - Great Gulfs
Angelo De Augustine - You Needed Love, I Needed You
Ex Hex - Cosmic Cave
El Palacio de Linares - Ciervo y Erizo
The Cowboys - Now With Feeling
Julian Lynch - Meridian