Here's a taste of Rob's new music podcast/side-project MIND SHED. Available now on spotify, apple podcasts, acast and wherever you get your pods. see for details.

Season 1, Episode 1.
Rob Morgan-Hulme is tantalisingly close to becoming a Dad for the first time and under the impression he needs a ‘thing’ comes MIND SHED a new music-come-diary podcast from one half of If There’s Hell Below. 10 tunes new and old'; a couple about fatherhood and others from prog psych to English folk to UK Jazz and some straight-up indie.

Paul Westerberg ‘Baby Learns to Crawl’
Nolan Potter Nightmare Band ‘Caberfae Peaks’
Dominic J Marshall ‘Feeling’
JuJu Rogers ‘Black Thurzday’ feat Sano
Infinite Spirit Music ‘Children’s Song’
Shirley Collins ‘Adieu To Old England’
Kath Bloom ‘Thin Thin Line’
Kiwi Jr. ‘Swimming Pool’
Jerry McGill ‘Desperados Waiting on a Train’
Spaza ‘Sunlight, Glycerine, 2 loose draws’