Rob and Callum with music, chats and dreams of pure teenage mormon confidence, a confidence without anxiety or insecurities.
Possibly the strongest collection of tracks this year with some techno, some ozpunk, some power pop, hip hop, rnb and front to back greatness.

Civic - Sell Sucking Blackmail Brides
Peyton - To Spare
Mr. Muthafuckin' eWquire - A Definite Maybe (feat. Wiki)
Spike Fuck - Body By Crystal
Wicketkeeper - Feeling
Hibou - Inside Illumination
Leonce - Werkk
The reds, pinks and purples - Dead end days
Dumb Things - Today Tonight
Jordan Jones - Rumors Girls
Paul & The Tall Trees - Then We'll Wave (So Long)
Beauts - The City Loves Me