Rob and Callum are back with your favourite new music pod. Sorry for the break this was a real sad one and is dedicated to Rob’s dearly missed father. Front to back heat as per starting with some of that Stax flavoured soul and finishing with some suburban anxiety, there’s some madcap Japanese prog, some cosmic folk, topical satire, wit and awareness on important shit raised through two absolute pearls. Real strong songs this week.

Kelly Finnigan - I Called You Back Baby
Sleep Eaters - Don’t Sell You Soul
Oliver Ray - Ol’ Coyote
Vanishing Twin - Magicians Success
Abraham Civelli - Interaction Forte
Wild Firth - Uptown
Purple Mountains - All My Happiness Is Gone
De Lorians - A Ship of Mental Health
Ezra Cohen - The World’s In Love With You
The Burning Hell - No Peace
Elton John Cena - Beer Pong