Rob and Callum are back with classic format ITHB, with that good old fashioned new music and bollocks chat thing they got down.
Rob's choices are strangely very French, jangly, new wave, chromatically psychedelic whilst Callum's keep with that heart on the sleeve indie, all socially and personally aware but with a disco track that bangs.

I Was A King - Bubble
Guest Singer - New Experience
True Blossom - Me & You
EggS - I Fell In Love
The Stroppies - Cellophane Car
Le Groupe Obscur - Piȼedelula
Twain - Death (or S.F.)
MOTEOR - Vague à 4 âmes
Lens Mozer - Such A Drag
Anchor Thieves - Ipso Facto
Martha Ffion - Kennedy's Hair
Brian Ellis - Brand New Love