Rob and Callum present an intensive high-end spa treatment in new music form, we'll punishingly clear your soul with the heaviest psych rock and nasty punk but then cleanse your blitzed mindset with soothing liquid guitars and latin soul sampled hip hop. Enjoy your listen and don't forget to sign the guestbook (leave a sodding review).

Ecstatic Vision - Grasping the Void
They Hate Change - Giancarlo
Homeboy Sandman - Far Out
Restless - On the Boulevard
TV Crime - Man In The Pub
Sandro Perri - Wrong About the Rain
Red River Dialect - Snowdon
Sugar World - Sad in Heaven
Irreak - Cotard
The Berries - Passing Scene
Wet Tuna - Goin'
Jerkcub - Devil's Catflap