Rob and Callum present the podcast that inspired the greatest white tee on the planet, a t-shirt that you can buy now from Shameless hustling out of the way, here's a fresh collection of tunes that we consider world class from intergalactic jazz fusion to proto-metal/punk to 70s lofi AM rock to cosmic country and beyond.

Kaidi Tatham - Freddie Can't Run Away
Brower - Real Girl
Jasmin Kaset & Quichenight - The Things I Wanted
Warthog - Brainwasher
Little Vista - Sidewalk
William Tyler - Fail Safe
Sam Hoffman - December
Body Type - Palms
Mekong Xpress - Common Knowledge
didi - haru
Horatio Luna - Pieces - James Wright Trio (Horatio Luna Remix Ft. Danika Smith)
The Ocean Party - White Cockatoo