The Tammy's [and Mike putting a cigarette out on his foot.]

Mike talking about the property

[A cute donkey!]

[Cave gate from last weeks episode]

[Morning walk]

VW Engine [This is a VW Beetle engine, melted down and made into artwork.]

[Daisy, Kim and Emily caving]

[Cave opening]

[The stream path, where we had a lot of these walking talks.]

Mike Ava and Onyx [Aren't they the cutest?]

Cosmic wash [Some people have a "Normal"button on their dish washer, Mike has "Cosmic".]

[The outdoor plumbing]

[Cow Tooth]

Mike talks about Lily [The boa]

[Happy Emily]

[Mike entertaining us while it was raining]

Mikes plane barn

flowers on the trail

[Mike and his leopard gecko]

[The bed]

[under the bed mural]

Morels for breakfast [Morels, freshly collected]

[Trillium found on the nature trail]

Fox in Socks contest [with Daisy and Amanda]