Partnering with an honest film distributor can be a great part of any Filmtrepreneurial Blueprint. The problem is finding said "honest" distributor can be challenging. Finding an honest film distributor is like finding a unicorn, I know they are out there but they are rare. Yes, I know unicorns don't exist but you get what I'm trying to say.

By design, the world of film distribution is shrouded in mystery. The key to the continued success of predatory film distributors is the silence of filmmakers and keeping "real" numbers behind lock and key. Today on the show we have two filmmakers who decided to come forward to break the silence.

Kerry Carlock & Nick Lund-Ulrich are the filmmakers behind ARMSTRONG, which is about a rookie EMT and her partner pick up a wounded superhero and are pulled into his mission to save Los Angeles from a sinister organization.

These brave filmmakers break down the numbers, the creative challenges of working with a distributor and much more. You can see a major difference in the artwork the filmmakers designed above to the way the company decided to market the film in the trailer artwork. Unless you have it stated in the contract you will lose the way your film is marketed and sold to the public.

If you ever wanted to take a peek behind the curtain on a bad distribution experience get ready to take some notes. Enjoy my conversation with Kerry Carlock & Nick Lund-Ulrich.