I've been preaching from the top of the Filmtrepreneur mountain for a while now that filmmakers need to build multiple revenue streams from their projects besides just the traditional renting and sales of the film. In my book Rise of the Filmtrepreneur, I discuss the revenue stream of online courses and classes.

You can either sell courses on your own site and drive traffic to them or you can place your courses on existing market places like Udemy and Skillshare that have huge audiences that you can sell to.

I join Skillshare a few years ago and started putting up courses on the platform. My profile grew and grew where I became a leader in the filmmaking education space on the platform with over 5800+ students, close to 1400 followers and over 100,000+ minutes watched. I was doing so well on the platform that Skillshare actually reached out to me on multiple occasions to discuss my company creating exclusive education for its platform. Things were going great until they weren't.

Well back in Dec 2019, when the world wasn't the insane bizarro version of itself that it is today, all of my courses were abruptly ripped off the platform without warning. I was floored. I contacted Skillshare multiple times and never heard back. When I finally heard back they said I had violated their terms of service.

They never gave me a warning nor did they give me an opportunity to fix any "issues" they had with my courses. It's crazy. One side of the company is asking me to produce more content for Skillshare while the other side shuts down all of my courses.

I later found out that I was not alone and that Skillshare purged hundreds of instructors without warning violating their own terms of service. You can read about that here.

I wanted to share the entire story of what happened in this podcast as a warning to all Filmtrepreneurs that depend solely on other platforms for their income. If you play in someones else's sandbox you need to play by their rules. I explain everything in the episode. Enjoy.