Now before I get a bunch of hate mail please let me explain. I love cinematographers. You can;t make a movie without on. It's by far one of the toughest positions on set. The pressure is immense.
With that said the explosion of low cost cameras and lighting gear has thrown a huge amount of "cinematographers" into the market place.
This podcast is a warning to young and inexperienced filmmakers not to hire not just a director of photography but any top level crew member  solely because they on some of the latest gear.
This advice also goes for sound department, editorial, lighting, visual effects and definitely color grading. When hiring any top level positions in a film production it should be based on resume, demo reel, or reputation.

All I'm saying is don't hire a crew member just because of the gear he or she owns. You'll thank me. Take a listen to this episode to hear my horror story that cost me over $50,000. OUCH!

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