A Indie Film Hustle Tribe member recently asked me

"Should You Work for Deferred Payment or Back End Points?"

Believe it or not I get this question A LOT! So I decided to dedicate a podcast episode to the question. There are times I would say yes definitely work for deferred payment or back end points. 
I heard a story of a screenwriter that was asked to do a rush job, write an entire screenplay in two week over Christmas vacation. He really didn't want to do it but the agent said he could get him paid and get him back end points. The screenwriter took the gig, the producer love the script and the movie went on to gross $500,000,000 world wide. He took home over $20 million. Not bad.
So yes there is a time to make that deal but alas there are times you should never work for deferred. Take a listen to when to and when not to work for deferred payments or back end points.