Follow Your Passion, No Matter What!
This is a special episode of the podcast guys. I recently had a good friend of mine pass, Allan Wertheim. He was a legendary First Assistant Director and Unit Production Manager. Allan and I worked together almost 20 years ago on one of my first directing gigs. 
This is by far the most difficult project I have ever worked on and Allan was kind enough to mentor me and protect me from the siutation. He passed a few days ago at the age of 72 and my friend left it all on the field. He worked with legendary directors like Martin Scorsese and David Fincher but more importantly lived a happy life with his family. 
I wanted this episode to spotlight the fact that you can't leave with the music still inside of you. Take a listen to this special episode. I hope it inspires you a bit. 
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Allan Wertheim - IMDB
Raging Bull
Love Story
Saturday Night Fever

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