If you want to see a self-distribution pathway to get your film on iTunes and actually make some money meet writer/director Brad Raider. His film Kensho at the Bedfellow was released on iTunes this year and he shares his marketing and distribution strategy with us in this episode. 
With This is Meg being released on iTunes in the summer I was ALL EARS.
Here's a bit about the film:
A 30-something New Yorker feels trapped by his job, his ex and his family. When a beautiful childhood friend wanders back into his life, he begins to feel a glimmer of hope in his search for freedom and meaning.
Two-time Best Feature Film winner at six festivals, KENSHO is a visionary, existential drama and the extraordinary directorial debut of actor / director Brad Raider. The truly independent, micro-budget film is at the heart of the conscious-cinema movement and a proud partner of the International Rescue Committee, donating a percentage of net profits to their humanitarian efforts around the world.
Now on sale in iTunes: http://bit.ly/kenshoitunes
Enjoy my conversation with Brad Raider.